Mike Klaw on the footsteps of the greatest such as David Guetta, DJ Snake, Calvin Harris.

"Skitzo" the latest boom choc of DJ / Producer Mike Klaw

The Dj, music producer has just released a his new single featuring the very talented rapper from Houston, Texas well known by  the name of Keybeaux with whom the Producer / DJ has shot the music video during his US tour in New York. 
Mike Klaw always surprising his fans by proposing each time different genre of music. 
This time the producer has released a hip-hop style in the genre of the superstar rapper Tyga …, with a nice vocal sampler and a Dj Mustard type of hard bass to keep the clubbing vibe. Obviously, we were also very surprised by the release of this sound because the artist had never released a 100% hip-hop track as he just did. The music producer had used us to the genre of pop music with tropical and electric sonorities.
“We note that Mike Klaw don’t forget his early fanbase who are great followers of hip-hop music ». 
The track Skitzo has been released with a simple, nice cinematic look and high-quality music video on the platform youtube.The single Skitzo is very potential .. 
Check it out for yourself. 
Video below:

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