Mike Klaw, is an international DJ and producer.

He has started Djing in Clubs (from 2006). He develops a perfect musical ear with a desire and a motivation to progress continuously. His desire to progress and always perfect his art allows him to establish his charisma in the music environment.

Since his beginnings, he is quickly spotted, and it is in the clubs that he took his first steps…

Mike Klaw has been touring in several big clubs throughout France, South of America UK, Germany, New York and more… His great technique with his sense of Clubbing, helped him to quickly make his name in the biggest clubs.

His openness to all musical Styles makes him a good and flawless weapon in Clubbing Nights.

In 2011 Mike Klaw decided to innovate to bring a new rope to his bow. He started producing. and released in 2017 his first single called “Making Memories” with the Bulgarian final X-factor singer “Bogomil” which received a great success on Youtube.

in 2018, he released 3 singles (Mine, Spotlight and Tell nobody). His single tell nobody has been classed as his best single and been placed many times on the radio.